Sassypants Photography

the story behind Sassypants


Whether it was friends laughing, people crying, or birds flying in sync, I began to see life as a form of art. I started second shooting and assisted with over sixty weddings. As I started to feel more and more confident behind the lens, I also noticed the huge smile on my face and the genuine happiness that filled my heart whenever I had my camera in hand. In 2016, I launched Sassypants - and I bet you're wondering why I chose that specific name. Well it's quite simple. I walked into the kitchen at my parents house and was expressing my indecision with a name. It was then that my dad laughed and said the word "sassypants" and boom, I ran with it! 


Photography allows me to be fully myself behind the camera, and my goal is to make my clients feel the exact same way in front of it. 

I love that I get to spend my time meeting new people, making them laugh, feel special, and bring them joy looking through my photos. A camera brings down walls that normally exist between strangers, and I am blessed to have that humbling opportunity with each of my clients.

Outside of my passion for photos I am a fitness fanatic-CrossFit, Yoga, Snowshoeing,.. I'm up for it all (except marathons, sorry!). I love tacos and champagne (not usually together).  I strive to love like Jesus and am thankful for unconditional love and grace.  

Overall, photos are a glimpse into another soul; and I am honored to be able to showcase them, each being beautiful, memorable, and unique.